25 facts about me

One of my New Years resolutions was to start up my own blog. So with this being my first post i can tick that off my list. Woo go me! Now many of you who are reading this are probably thinking didn’t you already have a blog, and haven’t you already done this post”. And my answer is yes, i did have a blog, but this is my finished, updated, clean and modern one. And yes i did do this post but i need to introduce my new one so this is just an easy quick post to do. So now we have all that out the way, lets start with fact number one…

  1. I was born i Ascott, Berkshire 1994. In the same room my dad was born in. (not at the same time obviously, that would be weird)
  2. I moved to Cornwall when i was 3 and had the best childhood ever! Right next to the beach was heaven.
  3. I hate mushrooms! My granddad once told me they were slugs from the garden and since then they can stay away.
  4. My first concert was S Club 7, me and my best friend went to see them with our mums and it was the best day of my life.
  5. I have peanut butter on toast pretty much every morning. Im addicted, i have a problem, lets move on.
  6. Harry potter is life.
  7. And so is avocado.
  8. Im a time freak. I turn up to events. catching the train, anything 30 minuets early because i hate being late.
  9. I also hate people being late. Don’t tell me a time and show up 20 minuets late, its rude.
  10. I have 3 tattoos. 2 which are quotes and 1 which is a Harry Potter related.
  11. Im a lover of getting up early and doing things. Hate wasting a day away. However i do now and then love a good lazy day catching up on The Kardashians.
  12. My favourite time of year is the bit in between mid September to mid October. Its still warm but the colours of the sky and trees are beautiful.
  13. I have a slight obsession with pineapple shaped things.
  14. Channel number 5 is my favourite perfume.
  15. I can’t say Toblerone, i say it like TRO-BLA-RONE. My brain just gets confused.
  16. I have candles in every room of my house, they bring a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
  17. Id much rather drink water than anything else.
  18. Not a big coffee lover.
  19. Lillies or white roses are my favourite flower.
  20. I have every Apple Product going. From the watch to iPod.
  21. One day i want to get a French Bulldog and call him Dexter. He will wear a bow tie and come everywhere with me.
  22. People who don’t use indicators shouldn’t be allowed to drive.
  23. Friends and family are very important to me, with out them i wouldn’t be where i am today.
  24. Im an e-com fashion photographer. Shooting for brands websites.
  25. Im not very good at looking after plants. I just don’t get when i should or shouldn’t water them.

So there we go. 25 random facts about me and what i like and dislike. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and stay tuned for new posts weekly. xx


Back home in Cornwall Looe.


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