Birthday trip last year

I know this was last year, but i didn’t have a blog then so lets just call this a throw back post and start. Last year i was treated to a lovely long weekend away with the boy to Paris  for me 22nd Birthday. Secretly i think its because the Euros were on and he just wanted to go for that, but i still got to go, so not complaining. We took the Eurostar from London St Pancras staring into Paris Central. Now if anyone has taken the Eurostar i thought it would be more time spent under the sea, but it wasn’t. It was lovely views of French country side. Which to be honest looks like English country side but you think its prettier because its another country and your excited.

I already new what i wanted to see, the usually tourist things, the Eiffel tower, the Louver, the bridge with all the love locks on. You guys know, i don’t need to list it all. So i knew what i wanted to do, Connor was just happy to follow and enjoy getting lost. I won’t babble on about what exactly we did, as it will get long and boring and i hate posts which just ramble on.

2016-06-17 13.01.50

However i do want to share a little story with you about our time there. On our first day we went to catch the Metro to the Eiffel tower and after 5 minuets rinding on it all the lights went off and the train just stopped. Now when you don’t speak french and everyone around you is panicking and talking its pretty scary. It took 10 minutes for a fire brigade came and we had to jump out of the trains doors onto the track and walk to the next station. We then became very lost but lucky we had google maps on had to take us to our destination.

While in Paris i was also lucky enough to go to Disney Land. Its a magical place and i want to go back desperately. You forget where you are and just live in this wonderland of fun and happiness. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day, even when it did rain. Nothing ruins Disney Land. Nothing!

Here are a few snaps i took. They don’t do Paris any justice at all, all i can say is book yourself a ticket and explore the beautiful city yourself.



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