Whats in my bag.

Okay, so before i start this post, i just want to say my bag is always full of food, it contains crumbs, Always panty liners and rubbish. But for you guys I’ve left them out and given it a clean up.

So lets begin, the bag which i use the most on a day to day bases is my work bag, i needed a practical but stylish bag which could hold everything i need for my day. I didn’t want to spend to much either as i knew it would get dirty and knocked around in my traveling so i found the perfect classic back pack from New Look. Ive had this bag for a year now, so its in much need of an update, but we all have that trusty bag that we just cant let go of even if its on its last thread.


My purse comes from Next and has many compartments which is great when i have so much to carry around with me. It has, like most purses, the card holder and a change compartment but it has other secrete parts that i can hold tickets in, memory stick and SD cards. Always useful to carry them around when being a photographer.

I always need to carry my diary round with me, it holds every little bit of information about my day. I can jot down what I’m shooting each day and keep track of what I’ve done, just incase anyone at work asks me to locate missing items, i can flick to the date required and know exactly what client i was working for, with what stylist and where i uploaded the images. Also it keeps me up to date with meetings and when my next post is coming out for you guys. Being organised is a big part of my job, so my little diary from Paperchase is perfect.

My umbrella is a must, you never know with London what the weather is going to be like, one minute your walking in sunshine the next its raining like no tomorrow. I bought it from Primark last year and has lasted ages, really impressed, and the handle is cute.

One of my favourite products i carry with me is my Soap & Glory hand sanitiser. When walking around London and going on the tubes you really don’t no what you’ve picked up on your hands so having sanitiser is always a good idea. But this one smells wonderful, as all their products do.

Just your basic Apple head phones. Music in the morning on the way to work is a big part of the journey. The day i forget them i know I’m in for a long slow day. I need to have my nap on the train listing to acoustic pop songs on Spotify.

A body mist spray from The Body Shop, which smells of coconut and vanilla. Love this product. Keeping me smelling fresh.

Another product which i use a a lot from The Body Shop, is there matte lip liquid in crete carnation. Just a lovely basic nude with a hint of pink for the lip. Easy to apply and stays on for pretty much the whole day with a touch up here and there.


Always need my Tangle Teezer, my hair gets so tangled when walking to and from work. As soon as i step outside my hair goes all over the place and i wonder why i even bothered in the first place.

I also take my Apple phone charger to as I’m constantly on my phone when I’m working. (Shhhh don’t tell).

My work keys and my house keys. Always need them.

My ticket to work which is my life. If i lost that it would be a very long walk.

A little pocket mirror which my nan got me from Prague.

And what every girl has in the bag a hair band and bobby pins.




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