A little Valentines chat

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So as Valentines is coming up i wanted to do a little chatty blog post about the things i love about a certain person in my life. Im very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life that support me and make me who i am today, but my wonderful boyfriend Connor does everything for me.

We’ve been together now for just over 2 years and even though i don’t show it to him often, I’m madly in love with him. We got together back in November 2014 when i was in my third year of University. I was a big ball of stress but he kept me grounded and told me that i could achieve anything, when all i wanted to do was climb into bed and hide from all the responsibilities and give up. Heres the top 10 things that i love about him…

  1. He talks from the left side of his mouth and he doesn’t realise he does it but its funny and cute.
  2. He talks to himself. which he claims he’s actually talking to me but we both know he’s talking to himself.
  3. He likes to claim he’s 1inch taller than me, but thats because he’s got really thick bushy hair.
  4. He never complains when i have to work late and he has to cook dinner even though he finishes late some weeks.
  5. He makes me laugh even when he doesn’t mean to.
  6. He always smells so good.
  7. He has a really small nose.
  8. He makes the best Chilli ever. So tasty.
  9. I love that every night, even though he’s not tired, he climbs in bed with me for a cuddle till i fall asleep then goes in the lounge and plays his xbox/ps4.
  10. He makes every bad day a good day and always puts a smile on my face.


If your lucky enough like me to have that someone special in your life heres a few gift ideas  which are cheap and personal to shows them.

is a perfect gift which your loved one will love and treasure forever. You can design and create little characters that represent you and your partner and put them in personalised story that represents your relationship. Connor loved this gift and loved the funny touches i put into it.

One year Connor made me photo album with all our amazing adventures we had shared together and all the photos we’ed taken over the years. It was perfect and i still adore it now. It has all my favourite photos in a physical form instead of just on my phone. So easy and cheap and meant the world to me that he put his time and effort into this gift.

I love making home made gifts as i think they are more thoughtful so for our first valentines together i made him this photo with scrabble letters which was so easy. You can buy them from the Range or any art and craft shop and stick them down and create so many fun phrases.




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