How to get inspiration for a post.

I always seems to get inspiration for a blog post at the most random parts of the day, which is really annoying as I work full time on a busy photography set and can’t stop to let my writing juices flow. For example this blog post idea came to me while I was shooting for a client and I had all these ideas running through my head, and lost all concentration on the task in hand and ended up shooting the wrong thing. Opps.
For me, my niche is more life style based, so most of my post are about day to day things which I encounter, more than make-up and fashion. Which makes things a little easier for finding inspiration as I live through the moment and get to write my opinion, how this or that could be improved etc etc.
I feel that I never get inspiration for a post if I force myself to sit at my desk and write. I just come up with ideas that don’t really work and start writing nonsense. So if your sat at your desk now trying to think of ideas, stop! Get up and go for a walk. Clear that beautiful big brain of yours and an idea will grow. Fresh air and a clear mind is the key.
Another way I get inspiration is looking through Pinterest and Instagram. Creating boards and having something visual to look at helps. I have many boards from baking healthy things to home decor and little trips away. 

Here are my top 10 post ideas If your struggling…
1. Your most used purchase 

2. What do you love most about this time of year?

3. Review a book you’ve read recently 

4. Share a recent event you attended 

5. What’s your bedside table?

6. Your favourite Instagram users

7. What’s in your bag?

8. Share 10 thing about yourself 

9. What are you obsessing over lately?

10. Products you are glad you tried.


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