A little girly weekend away 

For me and my friends it’s very hard to organise a get together as we all live very busy lives. And the fact that we don’t live near each other makes it that little bit harder. But we managed to sort a little weekend trip to London and stayed in an Air b&b in Camden.

I’ve know these girls now for 5 years and we’ve done pretty much everything together. We met in Uni and lived out our whole Uni life together. We’ve had very bad lows but amazing highs together and I don’t no what I’d do without them.

Anyway back to London. I won’t bore you with every single detail but I will share what we got up to.
Now we’ve all done the usual tourist stuff of seeing Big Ben etc so we wanted to experience something fun and different, which is why we went to a place called Bounce. It’s a bar which is dedicated to ping pong. Yep you did read that right, ping pong. You go in and get shown to your table and I mean your ping pong table, get given your bats and balls and start playing. Once the drinks get a flowing though, it just becomes a game of who can actually hit the ball.

For lunch we went to Bodeans BBQ smokehouse, which was amazing. I had a hot dog smothered in mustard, fries and a big portion of the best Mac & cheese I’ve ever tasted. It was so good! In fact I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Then it was time to get back to our Air b&b and start getting ready for the night. Which all I’m going to say about the night is eventful but not in a good way.

The next day we couldn’t face doing anything part from getting up, getting out and getting food. The answer to our nightmare was FiveGuys. And it was soooooo goood. Maybe we ordered to much but it was just what we needed, before we said our fair wells and jumped on our trains home feeling sorry for ourselves.


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