Night routine

We all have routines that we stick to, ones that our parents taught us, like clean your teeth after breakfast and before going to bed, and routines we’ve created to fit around our life.

My night routine is very important to me, without it I’m going to wake up the next morning feeling rushed and sometimes more tired. Studies have shown that people who follow a nightly routine are more likely to feel prepared and less stress about the day head.

Sometimes my routine starts earlier or later depending on what time I get home and what working week Connor is on. But let’s say I finish on time and connor is on his early week, I finish work at 6 and get home 7:40. What’s nice for me is even though I have a long commute to and from work, I get the chance to fish my emails and all the last minute bits off work on the train, so when I get home I can relax and enjoy the evening with Connor.

Lucky for me, when Connor is on his early week he makes the dinner, so as soon as I’m home it’s ready to eat. Once dinner is out the way my routine really starts to kick in.

It’s around 8pm now. I have a shower, take my make up off climb into my pjs and watch tv till around 9pm to 9:30pm. This always me to fully relax and catch up with Connor and see how his day went. I then prepare my lunch, get my bag ready and lay an outfit out. This saves so much time in the morning. I know as soon as I wake up everything is ready and I don’t have to start my day stressed out because I can’t find anything.

Once all that is sorted I brush my teeth and climb into bed which is all cozy and warm, thanks to my heated blanket and fairy lights. Having a cozy environment helps you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep throughout the night.

I put a night mask moisture on then lights off at 10pm. Which I know is super early, but I get up at 6am and need my 8hours. You don’t want to meet me without my 8hours!

I do this ever week day. Without my routine my body and mind wouldn’t be able to cope with the manic day of the studio.

I recommend to anyone who feels stressed in the mornings, if your running late or just not a morning person, a night routine really does work. Give it a try and let me know the difference it’s made.





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