A Mother’s Day Chat

I’ve tried writing the start of this post so many times and still I don’t really know how to start it, so please bare with me through this. Mother’s Day is next weekend and for me unfortunately i won’t be able to share this day with my mum. I don’t want to make a sad and upsetting post but I wanted to talk about my experience of Mother’s Day in the past 7 years. So I’m just warning you it may get a little emotional. 

My mum unfortunately isn’t around anymore, I lost her back in April 2010 to Cancer, i was 16 and she was 40! So young, so healthy, so beautiful. I was very close to her and im very lost without her. If you’ve ever lost your mum or someone close you know how horrible it is, and at such a young age I won’t get to share with her the wonderful things that daughters get to do with their mothers. 
I won’t be able to take her wedding dress shopping with me and she won’t be the first person I call to tell her I’m pregnant. She wasn’t there when I graduated University and she doesn’t know who I’m madly in love with. But what I’ve realised is that the short amount of time I did have with her, she taught me many amazing things and showed me how to be strong, independent, kind, loving and very stubborn! The more I grow up I notice I’m like her in so many ways. 
Mothers are the best people in the world, they carry you throughout their life, keep you safe and loved, and sometimes we take them for granted. All I can tell you from my experience is to give them your time and attention as you get older because even though we may not need them all the time, they need us. I always look back and think, oh I wish I spent more time with her than being with my boyfriend every weekend, or why did I shut her out. But I’m very lucky to have some of the most wonderful women in my life that I get to celebrate this day with and every other day with. My nan is the most wonderful lady in the world, losing a daughter must be the hardest thing ever, but we have each other and I love her millions!

Here’s to all the mothers out there, you guys rock!!



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