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I don’t know about you guys, but i always pin cool craft ideas on Pinterest and think that seems cool to do, maybe i’ll give it ago and then never end up doing it. But this time i thought instead of just pinning the idea i’d actually go and make it. This is a post about my DIY mouse pad. 


Every time i sit down at my desk at home i always think i could really do with a mouse pad to make my photoshop/illustrator work smoother and easier, but i can never find one i liked. So i came across this DIY mouse pad idea and wanted to share with you guys how to make it.

It takes about 30mins to make plus drying time. What you will need is fabric glue, cork round pads, fabric or paper and scissors. All these products i got from the Range but you can pick them up from any aft and craft store.



Cut your fabric to fit your cork pad leaving about 2” of overhang. Apply the glue to the cork and smooth on your fabric/paper. Once dry cut off the extra fabric or tuck underneath. I cut mine off for a smooth bottom. And there you have it, a simple cheap and creative way to make a mouse pad.

If you guys enjoyed this i’d like to make some more DIY posts, so let me know!



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