A little March catch up

I was just reading over my February review and i laughed at myself. The fact that i said i was going to be healthy and do a few healthy lifestyle posts just made me chuckle. Yes I’ve been a little healthy and been doing exercise but I’m still eating the same stuff so sorry if you were waiting for those posts.

March has been a fun month. The weather has got a little warmer and with it officially being spring and the clocks going forward the nights are getting longer and i can still take blog photos up to 6:30/7:00pm yay.

So what have i been up to this month? I had a friends birthday which led to a fun night in London town that i cant remember much of, a blog event in London which was really inspiring and lovely weekends spent with Connor and family. And now we are in the 4th month of the year and this month brings lots of fun too. Got my best friends birthday, Easter bank holiday where I’m going away to Spain which I’m very excited about!

Here are my favourite Instagram pictures of the month. xx



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