Another Pinterest DIY

I enjoyed making the mouse pad so much that i thought i’d do another DIY post. This time i thought i’d try the nail varnish marble mug print. And again i want to share with you how to do this and  fill the kitchen cupboards with swirls of colour! In less than 10 minutes you could be sippin’ hot drinks from your own marble-style mugs.


You will need:
• White ceramic mug
• Old or disposable container
• Nail polish
• Nail polish remover
• cocktail skewers
• Paper towel

Fill up your container with warm water, and drop your chosen colour varnish into the water. Do this slowly and close to the water. If you drop from to high the varnish will sink and you want it to sit on top of the water. Use the cocktail skewers to slowly move the varnish around in the container till you have a spider web looking shape in the water.

Once happy dip your mug into the water and take it out. Don’t keep it in for to long! Remove your mug from the water and use nail polish remover to remove any excess on the bottom and inside of the mug. Carefully pat down your mug with a paper towel till dry. If you want to add other colours repeat the process onto the mug. Once you’ve achieved the overall look that you want, let it sit overnight. I would recommend hand washing the mugs and the durability will also depend on the quality of the nail polish.

Have fun and share with me your end results xx



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