DIY Pin Board

Im becoming slightly obsessed with these DIY posts, but i love the feeling of being creative and showing you guys how to make things that brighten up your office space. This week i decided to designed some funky pin boards which have filled my empty walls, making them cooler and myself more organised.


You will need:

• Cork boards. (Ive gone for round)
• Acrylic paint. (Ive gone for gold)
• Masking tape
• Paint brush

Start of with the tape to create some shapes on your boards. Ive gone for triangles and straight lines as i like the simplicity of the shapes on the contrast of my round boards. Once happy with the shapes, start painting and filling them in with your chosen colours. Don’t worry if you paint over the tape, this is just here to help create nice neat lines.  Leave to dry for a few hours, if you need to do another layer just paint over and leave to dry again. Now its dry, slowly peal off the tape to reveal your beautiful shapes. Stand back and look at how great your new pin boards look. Such an easy and simple way to make your room so much cooler, just perfect for pinning photos, list, quotes and much more on. xx



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