Road trip to Alresford with Point-S

I love doing little adventures to new places and being able to explore the beautiful county of Hampshire which i call home, so i was very happy when Point-S car tyre dealership network in UK, asked me to write a blog post about a road trip I’ve been on and how i prepare myself and my car for the journey. So i decided to head over to the little town of New Aldersford or simply Alresford, a small town and civil parish in the City of Winchester district of Hampshire. It’s 12 kilometres north-east of Winchester and 20 kilometres south-west of the town of Alton.


As the only driver out of me and my boyfriend, its my responsibility to make sure my car is safe and ready for any trip. Before i leave to go anywhere I’ve never been before, i always make sure i have mapped out my route so i have a rough idea of where I’m heading. No one likes getting lost!

Then there’s little things that I like to pack in my bag for a trip like, a drink, snacks, portable charger, sunglasses, chewing gum and of course a good road trip playlist. 

However there are some important checks that should be done on every trip which I learnt from my Grandad when I start to drive three years ago. He would always tell me that preparing your car for any distance was important you never know what will happen. So checking the fluids in the car like oil, coolant, break fluid and windscreen wash levels my help avoid accidents or break downs.

Another one i find to be important is tyre pressure. Having the right tyre pressure is not only good for saving you money on your fuel bills, its better for the environment, but most importantly for the safe running of your car. Your tyres are the only thing that’s keeping your vehicle gripped to the road so i always check my tyres before i head off by using a meter attached to the valve of each tyre. I have my own portable one but you can do this at a filling station, but remember to only do this when the car is relatively cold to ensure a good reading is made. Once I’m happy with my tyre pressure, i know where I’m going, my phone is charged, my car has fuel then i can put road trip playlist on, and set off on our adventure.


Im in love with everything and anything to do with home interior and Alresford was full of little boutique shops full to the brim with home accessories. My favourite little shop is one called Alresford Linen Co. established back in 1972. Their main focus was dry cleaning but now they have expanded and have a lovely selection of homeware and gifts and i wanted everything!! But knowing Connor would kill me if i purchased everything i settled for a beautiful black note book with a gold been printed on the front for £20.

We stopped off for some bruch at the lovely Caracoli but i was so excited to eat i forgot to take any pictures which is bad blogging skills but you guys need to go and try out their food its amazing. I had the Smashed avocado, poached egg, crispy bacon, roasted cherry vine tomatoes, pesto oil on toasted sourdough which was delicious.


If you need more information on car safety and tyres please visit the lovely people at Point-s online or visit one of their branches. No online payment at Point S for reserving tyres in Surrey and other areas. 

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday, and if your driving remember to check your car before and have a safe trip 




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