A little review of April 

We’ve finally made it to my favourite month of the year, May. Why is May my favourite I hear you all ask. Because it’s my birthday month yay! And I’ll be turning the grand old age of 23. So while you guys think about what to get me as a present, let’s look back at April and what a wonderful month it was.

At the beginning of the month me and Connor went and got tattoos, don’t worry not matching ones or anything crazy like that. I got a beautiful floral one on my arm and Connor, the big nerd he is, got a batman one which looks pretty cool actually.

Following week, we had a lovely day trip to Bournemouth eating fish and chips, losing all our money at the arcade and laughing a lot at Russel Howard. 

I got asked to be my best friends bridesmaid which is such an honour and I can’t wait to doing all the bridesmaid duties and of course start dress shopping!!!

And finally me connor went on a long weekend to Spain which was perfect and just what I needed. 
So all in all I’ve had a very successful month and I hope May brings the same. Here are my top 9 photos from Instagram this month 



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