PaperGang box number 2

Im obsessed with the guys over at PaperGang, so i was very excited when this months box arrived. This months box is a collaboration with Arden Rose, If you don’t know who she is, i suggest you check out her Youtube Account instantly! Arden is a YouTube personality known for her channel ARose186, which is full of comedic, makeup tutorial and advice videos. She has also recently brought out a book called Almost Adulating, which I’m desperate to read.

Inside the box there is a message from Arden which explains what she wanted to achieve with the design. “I wanted summer, and warmth and kitschy touches” “…to bring you this sassy collection.” And she certainly didn’t fail at all, each lemon and smiley face does just that.



So what did i get in my box this month. Well let me tell you …

A weekly planner, designed Ohhdeer. Its covered in the same print as the box and inside has three section where i can fill out my objectives for the day, appointments and time and a little section for doodles. I don’t no about you guys, but overtime I’m on the phone i always need a pen in my hand so i can doodle. Guess its one of the ways i concentrate, so having a doodle part in a planner is perfect for me. RRP £9.95

An A5 notepad, designed by Amy Lesko who is a JR designer for Ohhdeer. I recommend you guys check out her Instagram, her work is fun and i love the little faces she puts on things. RRP £5.95

Two greeting cards, one designed by Amy and the other by Ohhdeer. I love the one by Amy, the illustrations are so cute and I’m a big fan of cactuses so I’m all over it! Each RRP £5.00

A pencil design by Ohhdeer. Its such a simple design but it make me happy. Who knew that if you put a smiley face at the top of a pencil it would bring so much joy. RRP £0.50

A riso printed calendar. This one is ready for June. Love these little postcard calendars. They sit perfectly on my moodboard grid.

And finally my favourite part. STICKERS!! I love stickers, I’m like a big kid, i just want to stick them everywhere. Also designed by Amy, but they are a one of special item for box orders only so unfortunately you guys can’t purchase them.



You guys have just over two weeks if you want to place your order! And it looks pretty cute!! Heres the link for you guys.




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