Review of May

So I’m now 23 year old and boy do I feel older. 23 isn’t even that old but when I compare myself to my brother who turned 18 this month, I feel old! 

May has been a wonderful month, which I knew it would be. We’ve had two bank holidays, the weather has been lovely, Ive eaten so much ice cream and had a lot of wine but that’s what you do when it’s your birthday month! 

I haven’t done an awful amount this month, however being the best sister I am, I drove all the way down to Cornwall for a weekend to celebrate my brothers birthday, which was lovely. Was so nice being home! 

Also went bridesmaid dress shopping which was so much fun! Trying on all the pretty dresses makes you feel like a princess. So looking for a wedding dress must feel like the queen!! 

Anyway we are now in June! Which is crazy, and I have a blog event coming up, a wedding and hopefully the weather will stay too! 

Here’s a look at my top 9 images from Instagram this month. 



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