The pros/cons of being an adult

Ive never really classed myself as a real adult before, in my head I’m still 18 without a care in the world, but that unfortunately isn’t the case. Im a 23 year old working adult that has to pay bills and tidy up my own mess and its not fun. What you are about to read are my opinions not facts, these are just what I’ve experienced so far in my “adult” life.

Lets start with the cons as it always best to end with the fun stuff.

  1. Having to pay for everything. And i mean everything.
  2. Going to work. It’s like going to school, but you don’t get a six week summer holiday or half term every month, oh, and you have to stay until 6:00pm every day. 
  3. Doing all the jobs your parents use to do for you. Food shopping is boring, even if you can buy what you want. Doing the laundry is boring. Cleaning the house top to bottom is boring. 
  4. Having car trouble! When i lived with my grandparents, any issue i had with my car i knew my granddad would sort it and i wouldn’t have to worry about it. Now every issue is my issue. I have to get my rear break pads sorted and i have no idea where to start.
  5. Break ups. It’s not as easy as it once was at primary school when you got your mate to tell them that you are now playing kiss chase with someone else. It takes months to get over a broken heart and its just not fun.
  6. Not getting as many christmas/birthday presents. Present these days range from socks to hover. Don’t get me wrong though, getting a new hover is pretty exciting! But that’s because I’m an “adult”. And you just don’t get as many, in fact you are lucky if you get 2.
  7. Hangovers. The part before is all fun and games but the day after is a right of.


The fun stuff of being an adult.

  1. Buying whatever you want when you want. Even if it is pointless rubbish that i don’t need, it brings me happiness for that small amount of time and I didn’t have to throw a tantrum to get it.
  2. Alcohol. It’s tasty, it goes down pretty quickly and getting drunk is fun. (but do it safely)
  3. Driving a car. I can go anywhere i want, when ever i want, with who i want. Car adventures are the best kind.
  4. Not having to tidy my room till I’m ready to tidy my room. Best part of adulthood.
  5. Eating Pizza for dinner every night if you choose to. Because pizza is life. 
  6. Not having a bed time. Even though i go to bed around 10 most week days, thats because i choose to not because i get told to.
  7. Staying in bed all day on a Sunday. No one telling me I’m waisting a day away. It’s my day to waist.


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