August review 

The last monthly review I did was back in May and now it’s the 1st day of September. Where has the time gone? I feel like this month I found my blogging mojo again and started to feel more creative and positive about my little part of the internet.

Sometimes you just need to take some time away to refresh yourself. No one likes to feel forced into something that they don’t feel a passion for. So I’m very grateful that I decided to take a break and really think what I wanted my blog to be. And because of that time I managed to reach my goal of 800 followers on Instagram, I made a YouTube channel and I found my passion for DIY! 

Self love is important! Don’t force yourself into anything, the only person you’ll be hurting is yourself. And you are the most important person you need to care for.  (Things got deep there.) But it’s true guys! 

September brings a month of fun filled things which I can’t wait to share with you all, be it here on Instagram or YouTube. 



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